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Quilting For You

Pieced or Patchwork Quilts

Pieced or patchwork quilting is the most basic and common type of quilting. As its name suggests, these quilts are constructed by sewing pieces of fabric together.

Patchwork quilts can use any type of block or construction technique. From triangles to strips, squares to rectangles, and everything in between.

Pieced quilts are typically themed, but they don’t have to be. They can be scrappy, spontaneous and unplanned. Anything goes with this style. It is fun to take a pieced top and complete it with high quality quilting and watch it come alive!

Services we offer for you:


Computerized Longarm Quilting

Edge to Edge - 1 1/2  cents per square inch (multiply the width X length then multiply that number by 0.015 for an estimated amount. Many patterns to choose from!

Example: 40 X 60 lap/baby size quilt: 40x60= 2400 X 0.015=  $36.00

Custom Quilting - 5 cents per square inch and up depending on design and complexity.

Hand Binding: 20 cents per inch. Binding applied with sewing machine and then finished by hand.

Machine Binding: 15 cents per inch. Binding applied with sewing machine and then finished with zigzag stitch with a sewing machine.

Trim and square sides and serge edges: Done after quilting complete for ease of binding and also provides flat base for a more professional binding : 10 cents per inch

Thread: We use top quality Glide and Omni threads (at this time is included in the cost of quilting)

Batting: We use Hobbs 80/20, Legacy Natural blend Premier 80/20 or comparable product (at this time included in the cost of quilting. You are welcome to provide your own batting, but the quilting cost will be the same).

** Backing - must be a minimum of 5 inches bigger on EACH side - so at least 10 inches longer and 10 inches wider that the top. You provide or we can purchase and be reimbursed at cost.

Helpful Hint: When putting borders on your quilt - measure the center of your quilt to get the size needed - not the edge you are adding it too - this will help achieve an accurate size  and nicer fit for the border and prevent excess fabric, puckers and "pleats" when quilted. Longarm quilting can not "fix" uneven or fullness in borders and edges.

Finishing UFO services:

I will be happy to complete those quilt tops that may have been inherited, found at estate or garage sales, or that you may have started and are unable to finish. From checking and repairing seams, adding borders or putting that stack of blocks together, the top can be finished so you can use and enjoy it for years to come. Charges based on amount of work involved.

Premium T-Shirt/Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are a great way to preserve your family’s history or celebrate an important moment in your life. Traditional memory quilts are often made from a loved one’s clothing, and they can bring great comfort to someone who is grieving a loss. From shirts to jeans, blouses, handkerchiefs, dresses and ties, memory quilts can be made with just about any piece of clothing or fabric.


T-Shirt Quilt:

You provide the shirts - (complete shirts please) and any notes regarding specific shirts attached. 

We will apply featherweight interfacing and add a coordinating fabric, or specific fabric of choice, to put the top together.   

$15.00 per shirt - includes batting, backing, and quilting.

Additional charges for any Embroidery that you would like to add.

Additional charges for binding services and if additional piecing required due to condition of shirts.

Other Memory Quilts - Contact me and lets talk about what we can create!

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